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Address: Ruta 2 Km 55 y Av. 520 - Calle 519 y 237 - (B1933CPB) Parque Industrial La Plata - (B1933CPB) Abasto -  La Plata
Provincia de Buenos Aires - República Argentina
Tel/Fax: (54221) 491-5180 / 85 / 86 / 87
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Gustavo Minniti

- Unipolar extra-flexible and flexible copper cable for general use.
- Extra-flexible Multipole cables in class 5 for mobile use.
- Cables for energy and power isolated in PVC and XLPE type RV-K for low voltage.
- Control cables, signalling and command.
- Halogen-free cables.
- Bare conductors of copper, AAAC and ACSR aluminum for airlines.
- Cables for low voltage air networks and domiciliary with neuter concentric of copper.

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